How To Make Amazing Affogato At Home

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Affogato with Indian Filter Coffee

How To Make Amazing Affogato At Home

Affogato with Indian Filter Coffee

Coffee is not just a beverage to wake you up in the morning or a pick-me-up on a busy afternoon. Dunk some gorgeous cold ice-cream into warm freshly brewed espresso style coffee and you’ve got yourself an irresistible dessert! We’re going to share 3 steps to make this coffee dessert home , yes you heard it right –  just 3 steps!


Affogato comes from the Italian word ‘affogare’ which means ‘to drown’. This popular Italian dessert needs two ingredients only – fresh coffee and ice-cream. There’s really something satisfying about pouring warm coffee over cold ice-cream that makes this dessert so deliciously. Next time you have some friends over and you want to impress them with your Italian culinary skills, whip up an Affogato and hear them go ‘WOW’! A feather on your culinary hat! 


  • Espresso style coffee: 1 shot (approx. 30 ml)
  • Vanilla ice-cream: 2 scoops
Preparation time: 15 mins including brewing coffee and assembly


This 3 step dessert is what we call a no brainer! Even when you’ve stuffed yourself with dinner (pasta AHEM!), we guarantee that you can walk over to your kitchen and still make an affogato in record time. So let’s start!

Making decoction with an Indian Filter

STEP 1: Make Coffee

To make an Affogato, you need to start with brewing some fresh coffee. What we’re looking for is an espresso like consistency which you can achieve by brewing in a Moka Pot or the Indian Filter Pot. And before you ask, if you have an espresso machine at home – go for it!

Vanilla Ice cream in a cup

STEP 2: Ice-cream

In a serving cup, add two scoops of ice-cream. Most people prefer a plain vanilla ice-cream buy if you like to experiment, butterscotch or chocolate ice-cream could be a great combination too. You can use a vegan dairy-free alternative like we have.

Pouring coffee over vanilla ice cream

STEP 3: Pour coffee and enjoy!

Now for the main event, pour your warm freshly brewed coffee over the ice-cream and voila, you are done! Use a spoon to dig into your affogato or slowly sip your dessert as the ice cream starts to melt into the coffee. 

Products Used In This Guide

Coffee: Mysore Concerns Brindavan Bold Coffee

Brewing Equipment: Indian Filter Pot