About Us

Mysore Concerns Coffee was established in 1939 with a singular mission – bring Indian grown coffee to the people. 84 years since, our goal remains to serve the coffee community with compassion and authenticity.

For many, brewing coffee feels like a difficult and complicated task. So it’s easier to accept that great coffee can only be made by a barista and recreating the magic at home is an expensive and arduous journey.

Shruti Shrikant and Shweta Shrikant

As the third generation of coffee entrepreneurs, we have set out to un-complicate coffee while staying rooted to the values of a small business. Our goal is to make good coffee accessible to all and home brewing an enjoyable part of one’s daily routine.

Now where does our 84 year legacy in selecting, roasting and brewing fit in?

Well, it all comes down to constantly learning the complex nature of coffee. Many factors contribute to a good cup of coffee – elevation and soil conditions of where coffee is grown, the method of processing cherries into dry green beans, and of course roasting and grinding. 

For someone looking to brew good coffee at home, there is so much information out there to parse through! While some love to geek it out, others may want the satisfaction of a good cup without all the research. And we get that! We’re here to do the hard job for you – work with the best farmers and select the best beans so you get that perfect cup of coffee, every single time.

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